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At We Buy Any House Direct, we recognise that there are a number of reasons why you may need a quick house sale scotland for your property.

Perhaps you need to release equity to clear debts, stop home repossession, or settle a divorce or separation. Not all quick sales are due to financial difficulties though — you might also favour a quick sale over traditional methods of selling due to relocation or emigration. Perhaps you need to sell a property you’ve inherited or maybe you have found the house of you dreams and need to complete a sale quickly before you can buy it.

No matter what your situation might be, if you need your property to be sold quickly, using a real estate agent might not be the best option for you. Advertising your property on the slow-moving property market with a real estate agency can mean that it might take months before your property is sold. In addition to the long waiting time, you will also have to deal with issues such as the inconvenience of having to conduct viewings, the risk of the sale falling through, and having to bear associated costs (valuation fee, survey fee, legal costs, etc).

Due to the long waiting time, risk of buyers pulling out and inflexibility sale complete dates, more and more sellers are favouring quick sales and property auctions over the traditional methods of using real estate agencies and auction houses. If you are looking to achieve a quick sale while getting a fair value for your property in Scotland, We Buy Any House Direct can help you.

Sell House Fast Scotland

Want to sell your property fast and get the best offer? Let us help.

At sell house fast scotland, we specialise in fast property sales and have been helping our clients sell their properties fast and move on to the next stage of their lives for years. There are many reasons why people are opting for fast house sales instead of the more traditional sale methods. While many of our clients come to us because they need to sell their properties fast due to the challenges they face (financial troubles, potential repossession, emigration, separation, and so on) increasingly we are seeing more clients who chose quick house sales over using a traditional real estate agency because they simply do not fancy letting their properties sit on the market for months before the sale is closed.

Benefits of a quick house sale

When you are planning to sell your property, there are four main ways you can go about it:

  • Selling with a real estate agent
  • Selling privately
  • Selling your property through a property auctions
  • Going for a quick sale with a specialist property buyer

While private sales generally take time and effort, auctions rarely give you the best chances of selling your property for a good price. Although engaging a real estate agency remains the most popular way for people to sell their properties, research statistics from the consumer group Which? found high levels of dissatisfaction (up to 50%) with the standard of service received. Hence going for a quick property sale with a specialist property buyer is fast becoming popular with property owners who are sick of the long wait and would like to move on as quickly as possible.


Conveyancing is a big development, the premises of a business, or the legal process of selling and buying property, which may be an easy residence to live in or estate. The legal aspects of the conveyancing procedure are often handled by conveyancing solicitors, and by conveyancers glasgow that were trained. A conveyance is the file that shows a property has passed to another, also known as the purchase title.

That is referred to as a chain of possession. Quite simply, if unregistered land is being sold by Kumar in the year 2012, he must show that it was purchased by him from the last owner who additionally purchased it from so and the afterward previous owner on, going back. Because all title deeds have to be carefully kept and produced each time the property is showed of course, whilst it is practical, this procedure is unwieldy and expensive. Consequently, the Government brought in a method of registering land in order that it maintains a database of who owns what.

If the home is registered with all the Land Registry with all the seller recorded as owner, then you definitely can be reasonably sure that the seller is permitted to sell the house via Property Auctions. If there is a difference between the name of the seller and also the name of the registered owner, say because of marriage, death another reason, it truly is relatively easy to check on whether the seller is let to sell.

Yet, the owner changed it’s been made to register unregistered land, just since 1998. So if it seems that the property is just not filed with the Land Registry then the seller will need to attest their title as summarized above.

It might be split into five sections. The primary, and usually the longest, is the pre-contract period, followed by exchange of contracts and then pre-end. At the end of pre-conclusion, the transaction is completed and the property changes ownership from seller to buyer. The fifth period is post-conclusion, which can be very much legal tidying up, including filing the buyer’s purchase with all the Land Registry; from moving to the property it does not prevent the buyer. From offer to completion should take on the average eight to 12 weeks, but sometimes it might take longer.

Of course, mainly because of the legal temperament of the actual process, it is common for the buyer and the seller to instruct their particular solicitors (though there is nothing preventing you from acting for yourself). It is possible the estate agent dealing with the property may suggest a conveyancing solicitor scotland, but it can be your decision to Sell House Fast Scotland, and it’s preferred that you request before you determine, conveyancing quotes from two or three solicitors.